Cluster Installation
Our experienced TeamHPC engineers have installed literally hundreds of high-performance clusters, so you can be assured of a smooth and timely implementation with fast, turnkey operation—often as quickly as the next day

Benefits of a TeamHPC Cluster Installation:

Quality Components:

Each TeamHPC cluster is built with fully-tested quality components for worry-free reliability and outstanding performance.

We Pre-Test Before Shipping:

Unlike other vendors, we actually build, test and benchmark your entire system in our ISO-certified facility BEFORE it is shipped. We literally create and power up your cluster exactly as it will operate on your site to make sure everything is running correctly and potential errors have been eliminated. And each TeamHPC computational cluster is fine tuned with High-Performance Linpack (HPL) benchmark to ensure utmost speed, accuracy and capacity before it leaves our manufacturing facility.

YOU Pre-Test Before Delivery:

We also allow you to run test applications via secure SSH to ensure your operational standards are met and approved before delivery. This extra step ensures a streamlined, accurate cluster implementation with productivity at start-up.

Expert Installation:

Your cluster will be installed by the same engineers who configured it at our lab, NOT an outsourced third party unfamiliar with yoursystem’s design. Upon delivery, system racks will be pre-railed and wired for trouble-free set-up, and all nodes and cables will be fully labeled for easy reference. As a result, you’ll receive a smooth implementation, with accelerated time to productivity and less work for your IT department.

On-Site Cluster Assembly:

TeamHPC engineers can provide expert on-site assistance for customers who prefer to perform their own cluster installations, such as universities and science labs. We can assist with rack assembly, cabling, and other tasks and provide training and reference documentation for your personnel.

In addition, you can sign up for our Extended Onsite Cluster Administration program, and we will provide an experienced engineer to administer your cluster full-time at your location.

Sales Representative:

Contact your TeamHPC sales representative to learn how our Professional Services team can customize a HPC solution that meets your organizations needs.

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