Cluster System & Site Planning
When it comes to high performance clusters, one size does NOT fit all. That’s why the planning stage is so crucial in the design of your cluster. For example, a cluster configured for compute-intensive applications may not work well for applications that are I/O intensive. Likewise, I/O applications may have different storage, memory and processing requirements than compute-intensive applications.


At TeamHPC, we listen carefully to understand your needs, from budgeting and business application to system maintenance and technical specifications. Before we begin designing your cluster

we look at several factors including:

  • Primary applications (computing or I/O)
  • Primary applications (computing or I/O)
  • Integration into your current networking environment
  • Number of current and future users
  • Data storage requirements
  • Ongoing system administration
  • Operating costs
  • Price/performance ratio
  • Power and cooling needs
  • HVAC factors—heat, moisture, air circulation
  • Physical space requirements/limitations


Based on this information, and our many years experience in configuring clusters, we can then custom-design an affordable solution with the speed, performance and scalability you require.

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