Data Center Services


Our state-of-the art data center, provides a full range of cost-effective hosting solutions, customized to your business needs. Our customers range from small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to large corporations, school districts and government agencies


Our highly secure, climate-controlled facility is monitored 24/7, with a fully-redundant Internet infrastructure, and highly-trained technical support staff to ensure maximum uptime, speed and connectivity.


ServerPhase can handle all phases of your hosting needs, especially if they grow beyond your current requirements. In fact, many clients start with a simple shared hosting plan and then easily upgrade to one of our other solutions without the hassle or expense of having to move their software or hardware infrastructure to another provider.

We offer competitive pricing, top-notch technical support and outstanding value on all our hosting solutions, which include

Managed Services:

Managed Services: Outsource some or all of your IT functions to ServerPhase so you can concentrate on running your business and reduce the time and expense of installing, upgrading and maintaining an on-site system. Our Managed Services include:
  • Web Hosting and Management
  • E-mail Hosting and Management
  • Security, VPN and Firewall Services
  • Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Systems

Colocation Hosting:

Our cost-effective colocation hosting solutions are ideal for customers who want to maintain their own infrastructure within ServerPhase’s secure, high-availability, fully-redundant data center. Use our dedicated servers or install your own server, with a choice of 1/4 cabinet (10U), 1/2 cabinet (20U), Full Cabinet (42U) or a Private Suite.

Dedicated Servers:

This high-end hosting option provides exclusive use of a high performance server and is well-suited for those with high traffic volume and bandwidth requirements. We offer three levels of dedicated hosting and can custom-build your dedicated server to meet your specifications for hardware, software, operating system and administration.

Virtual Private Server (VPS):

Although not a dedicated server, each VPS  has its own disk space, bandwidth, memory and operating system to function  as a dedicated server—at a fraction of the cost. Our VPS hosting solutions are ideal for web designers who can divide and sell their allotted server space to their clients as “virtual” dedicated servers.

Shared Web Hosting:

This inexpensive hosting option is best for those with minimal traffic volume and bandwidth requirements. As the costs for power, bandwidth and maintenance are shared among multiple websites, our monthly hosting fee is very low. We offer Linux, Windows and ColdFusion Hosting plans, so you can find the platform and technology you need. Our Shared Web Hosting packages include instant account setup, advanced website statistics and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Sales Representative:

Contact your TeamHPC sales representative to learn how our Professional Services team can customize a HPC solution that meets your organizations needs.

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