January 14, 2010
NEWS: M&A Technology PC CANS, High Density and High Performance Workstations over Ethernet

Dallas, TX January 14, 2010 --M&A Technology, a leading provider of technology solutions since 1984, will debut PC CANS at AFCEA West 2010 conference in San Diego (booth #1140). PC CANS solution offers high density, high performance and ease of manageability for remote desktops over Ethernet for Healthcare, Government, Financial Institutions and Enterprise customers. It also provides the maximum level of security for critical data with host rendering technology while providing an uncompromised PC performance at the client side.


PC CANS solution is based on PCoIP® technology, a revolutionary remote desktop protocol utilizing host rendering technology from Teradici Corporation. PC CANS consists of high performance workstations mounted in the datacenter while the end users are connected to their desktops 1:1 over a standard enterprise network. Each user is assigned a CAN (remote desktop) with a GPU (graphics processing unit) that allows for 2D/3D graphics simulation and rendering. The solution provides the end user with an uncompromised PC experience while the critical data is maintained and managed in the datacenter. The data is encrypted, compressed and transmitted over Ethernet using enterprise class networks (LAN) or wide area networks (WAN).


The unique design of the PC CANS allows for high density deployments of remote desktops while providing the end-user with full PC functionality over Ethernet. The content is compressed and processed on the host card which provides better performance from the CPU and GPU at the client side. This unique design allows for up to 80 users (40 users for each side) in a single 48U rack. The rack is designed to push the air outward from both sides while the cool air is pulled from the bottom of the rack into the center and disbursed outward.


PC CANS offers a lower cost of ownership for centralized desktop when taking into account the reduction in IT support costs and the reduction in power consumption. The CANS are built with standard PC components and do not require a high level of technical expertise to support. Each CAN consumes less power than a standard desktop which allows for a reduction in total power consumption. A fully populated rack can run on four 30Amp circuits without the need for intelligent power switching. In addition, PC CANS offers a higher level of redundancy where the end-user can be switched remotely from a non-working CAN to another using a simple GUI management console. The IT manager can access and troubleshoot any CAN remotely which reduces the cost of support.


PC CANS provides the maximum level of security for critical data with zero-client technology. All data resides in the host CAN which is secure in the datacenter and the IT manager can determine what type of USB devices are allowed to connect on the Client side by locking certain devices like mass storage. The client on the other hand experiences the same level of performance as they did with their regular desktop with less clutter.


In Summary, PC CANS provides a simple, secure, and reliable centralized desktop environment without the complexity of virtualization. Each user is assigned a PC CAN that can be configured with a dedicated CPU and GPU for 3D graphics. The end-user is connected to their CAN over Ethernet with all the functionality of a regular desktop at their figure tips. PC CANS solution is application independent and delivers high-end graphics, high definition video and high definition audio simultaneously. The end-users have the flexibility of connecting any standard USB device on the desktop. Mass storage lock-out at the client side is an option for an added level of security and can easily be configured through a GUI management console. To learn more about PC CANS please visit us at www.macomp.com/pccans.

About Teradici

Teradici Corporation has developed PCoIP® (PC-over-IP®) technology, a unique remote display protocol which makes network delivered computing a viable corporate computing reality. Founded in 2004 and headquartered in Burnaby, BC, Canada, Teradici for the first time enables an exceptional end user experience for datacenter-based computing. Through a combination of unique graphics algorithms, high-performance silicon processing, and workstation/server add-in cards, the company is changing how personal computers are used, deployed and managed. More information is available at www.teradici.com.

About TeamHPC

TeamHPC, a division of M&A Technology, (http://www.teamhpc.com) specializes in High Performance Computing, and assembles and integrates all of its products in an ISO-9000: 2000 certified manufacturing plant. TeamHPC provides the unique opportunity of granting researchers access to their computational resources for benchmark and application testing before products are shipped. In carving new paths in the HPC market, TeamHPC also provides a 24-hour data center environment that allows researchers to host their computational machines at M&A Technology's headquarters in Carrollton, TX.


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