Many laboratories, data centers, universities and businesses rely on TeamHPC for fast, reliable and affordable storage solutions.

Our custom-built high-speed storage subsystems, storage servers and IP-based iSCSI solutions can host multiple terabytes of data and provide the speed, accessibility and capacity to support the most demanding computer network infrastructures and applications.

TeamHPC’s storage solutions offer fast and secure data throughput, with built-in redundancy features—such as automatic online “hot spare” failover drives and mirrored OS system drives to maximize system uptime. Real-time event notification and in-band or Ethernet management are included.

High-speed Storage Subsystems:

Our high-speed storage subsystems offer easy scaling and expansion to fibre- channel SANs to meet your growing storage requirements. Features include:
  • Disk Options: Hot–swap Fibre Channel, SATA, SAS and SCSI drive support.
  • Host Interfaces: Fibre Channel, SAS and SCSI options.
  • Management: Includes in-band and out-of-band, Web-based GUI, LCD panel, alert notification and more.
  • Redundancy: Includes BBU, dual-active redundant controllers, online hot-spares and redundant power.
  • Scalability: Can economically scale to 100s of Terabytes.

Storage Servers:

Our storage servers are designed for maximum speed, capacity and reliability, with features that include:
  • Connectivity: 10G, Fibre Channel, InfiniBand and Myrinet I/O.
  • Performance: Latest chipsets, RAID controllers and CPU speeds.
  • Redundancy: Separate, mirrored OS system drives and fully-redundant power supply.

iSCSI Solutions:

Our iSCSI solutions provide easy online network storage expansion or convenient disk- to disk backup and are compatible with Windows, Linux and Unix. Features include:
  • Capacity: Multiple Gigabit ports.
  • Flexibility: Multiple OS support.
  • Management: Includes in-band and out-of-band management, LCD panel and more.
  • Redundancy: BBU and redundant power supply.
We can include a high speed, high capacity storage solution as part of your TeamHPC server or cluster configuration or easily integrate one into your current IT configuration. All TeamHPC storage solutions are built and pre-tested in our ISO-certified manufacturing facility before shipping for unmatched performance reliability and streamlined installation.

Sales Representative:

Contact your TeamHPC sales representative to learn how our Professional Services team can customize a HPC solution that meets your organizations needs.

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