TeamHPC workstations provide a powerful and affordable solution for demanding CPU-intensive, large shared memory and high-end graphic applications.

Our workstations are used by research, engineering and creative professionals for high performance tasks ranging from 3D mechanical design to scientific simulations—with utmost speed, accuracy and reliability.

Our workstations are custom-designed to meet your needs, with hardware and software configurations that are virtually limitless.

Benefits of TeamHPC Workstations:

  • Configurations featuring up to 8 CPU sockets per system.
  • Featuring the latest chipsets and processors from AMD and Intel
  • Redundant power, Dual Boot OS and Hot-swap HDD RAID systems for optimal flexibility, uptime and performance.
  • Wide range of pre-loaded, fully customizable OS and software packages.
  • Bleeding Edge graphics hardware to accommodate even the most advanced rendering applications.

Sales Representative:

Contact your TeamHPC sales representative to learn how our Professional Services team can customize a HPC solution that meets your organizations needs.

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