TeamHPC manufactures and integrates clusters, servers and workstations with best-in-class software and hardware to provide the utmost in speed, efficiency and reliability.


We proudly support and install open source technology in all our products — including freely obtainable Linux operating systems that require no license or subscription fees, as well as commercial/subscription-based distributions such as Red Hat and SuSE. As a result, Team HPC can offer customers, including government labs, universities and private industry, the most “flop for their dollar” with highly cost-effective solutions at a competitive price.

In addition, we offer the advantages of:


Having implemented thousands of system configurations, TeamHPC has an unmatched level of expertise with Linux OS and cluster development tools, for fast and meticulous installations.

Ease of Use:

We custom-design our systems to be as user-friendly as possible in terms of maintenance, management and performance, to satisfy the computing needs and budgets of each customer.

ISO Facility Testing:

As all TeamHPC systems are built and tested in an ISO-Certified manufacturing facility, you can be assured of maximum speed, uptime and ease of installation, with turnkey “out of the box” operation. We also allow SSH access to the system for end-user approval.


Customers have direct, one-on-one access to all TeamHPC engineers involved in the construction of their system, as well as our experienced support staff, to ensure that questions are answered promptly.

Best-in-Breed Partners:

We have formed strategic partnerships with industry leaders to provide our customers with the best products and fastest processing power available.

TeamHPC can integrate the Linux operating system as well as a full range of software to meet your specific computing needs, including compilers, scientific and interconnect libraries, and resource management tools such as TeamHPC’s Cluster-HQ web-based cluster management and monitoring system.