TeamHPC has a reputation for providing high performance systems that meet both the technical needs and budgetary requirements of our customers, with excellent sales and support staff, and a smooth implementation process for fast time to productivity.

But don’t just take our word for it. Read what our customers have to say.


Academic Customers Testimonials

My recent decision to purchase a Linux cluster from TeamHPC has been very rewarding. Even before purchasing a system, I was permitted to benchmark our lab software on different platforms, leading to a more informed decision on my part. In addition, TeamHPC provided a very competitive quote and outstanding technical support. I have no reservations about recommending TeamHPC to my colleagues.


Brian Dominy
Asst Professor/Chemistry
Clemson University

Our Department recently decided to install a new parallel computing cluster for simulation based research. Contacting more knowledgeable friends, I was immediately directed to Team HPC. From helping with configuring the optimal system for our needs, to obtaining a timely and cost efficient quote, to technical support after the cluster was delivered, TeamHPC has been incredible. Our 32 AMD Opteron processor cluster was up and running straight from delivery and has increased our computing capabilities dramatically across a wide range of research codes. I have been immensely satisfied with Team HPC and will be using them, as well as recommending them, for all our future cluster needs.


Richard Miller
Assoc Prof / Mechanical Eng
Clemson University

I am extremely pleased with the purchase of the dual-core Opteron cluster system from TeamHPC. The sales and support service has been fantastic. The sales team was very professional to come up with a competitive quote to be the winner in a formal bidding process with my academic budget constraints. The support service to set up the cluster configuration and to keep the cluster operating well has been outstanding. TeamHPC has been very reliable and they have excellent knowledge of high performance computing products. TeamHPC will certainly be my first choice to add more nodes to the cluster and for any future high performance computing hardware.

Mahadevan Ganesh
Professor-Math & CS
Colorado School of Mines


The service and support at Team HPC has been exemplary. In addition, their prices are great and fit within the constraints of my academic budget. Now I can afford more processing power to complete my research faster!


Brett S. Phinney, PhD
Proteomics Facility
UC-Davis Genome Cente


My cluster has been working perfectly since I took delivery of it in April. Since this time, I have been running continuously 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week and I have not had a single problem yet. The performance is excellent — a bit better than I had expected.


Bill Daughton
Asst Professor/Physics & Astronomy
University of Iowa

Our US CMS Tier-2 site purchased our first compute installment, a 64-node dual CPU, dual-core Opteron cluster from TeamHPC. They were dedicated to installing this system both correctly and quickly, and interfaced effectively with our local technical personnel to make this process an enjoyable success.


Dr. David R. Swanson
Director – Research Computing Facility
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

When I was looking to purchase an Opteron system, the TeamHPC sales staff provided rapid and accurate answers to all of my questions, a very competitive quote and then great communication during the construction of my particular system. Their performance at all stages of this purchase have been top-notch and I am extremely happy with the computers we purchased from them. A very professional organization!


Steven Bachrach
Semmes Distinguished Professor of Chemistry
Trinity University

I was very pleased with my recent cluster purchase. TeamHPC's system experts were responsive to our technical needs while the sales staff was attentive to our budgetary constraints. With TeamHPC's help, our turn-key system came in under budget and on time.

Kirk Cameron
Assoc Professor/Computer Science
Virginia Tech

We purchased 64 dual processor nodes and TeamHPC was great to work with. They gave us an excellent price, worked with us to design the right system, set it all up efficiently, and put in an enormous effort, at no extra cost, assessing timing issues with some of our codes. They also provided some very helpful education for our students working with the machine.


Izabela Szlufarska, PhD
Dane Morgan, PhD
University of Wisconsin


Corporate Customers Testimonials

Ordering TeamHPC Opteron systems for our Linux cluster was a pleasant process. The sales representative responded to my quote requests rapidly. Their price is competitive and the product quality is excellent. We have been using TeamHPC computers as compute nodes in our Linux clusters and they run very fast and reliable.


Ming Tang
System Administrator
Howard Hughes Medical Institute/
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center


I am extremely impressed with Team HPC's engineering staff. They have done a great job specifying and building custom servers to help us meet our customers' needs, and when servers don't function as expected out-of-the-box, they troubleshoot problems with the utmost urgency.


Adam Woydziak
Director of Technical Support
ICOP Digital, Inc.

The sales and support service from TeamHPC has been stellar! They know their products and how they are used in the market. They make excellent configuration recommendations. Outstanding service with a personal touch! What more can you ask for?

Ken Biggs
Lone Star Internet, Inc


Research Customers Testimonials

Our company initially selected TeamHPC among several quotes, largely based on price. This decision proved to be a wise one, as we have received a quality machine for significantly less than we would have expected to pay from other vendors. I was most impressed with the fact that the technical people at TeamHPC made extra effort to include me during the set up and debugging process.


Even now that the machine is running here, they have continued to answer my questions and provide technical support above my expectations. I would definitely purchase future computing machines from TeamHPC.


Matthew MacLean
Senior Research Scientist
Calspan-UB Research Center, Inc.

We have recently ordered a Linux cluster from TeamHPC for our Geometric Exploitation and Modeling System (GEMS) Lab. The cluster arrived professionally packed and wrapped in plastic to protect it from the elements. Components were easily racked due to the rails already being installed. The cables were well labeled and all wiring was neatly run and secured throughout the rack. All nodes, disks, networking gear, etc., powered up without any failures or DOA parts. This has been a great experience for our first cluster here at this SAIC location.


Brian Guckenberger
Systems and Technologies Solutions

TeamHPC has successfully implemented Ammasso's RDMA technology in our new Opteron cluster, and the service and support by TeamHPC has been excellent.


Dow Hurst
Research Scientist


Government Customers Testimonials

In 2004, we purchased a 64-CPU/32 node High Performance Linux Cluster from TeamHPC to satisfy some of our computing needs. What we really wanted was a mini supercomputer on a low budget, both in hardware expense and our own time and hassle in dealing with the new computer. That is just what TeamHPC delivered.

In searching for a vendor, we found TeamHPC outstanding in their technical understanding of our needs. For example, we asked various vendors for diskless compute nodes. Most ignored that request and quoted us compute nodes with disks.


By contrast, TeamHPC clearly understood why we wanted diskless compute nodes: 1) so we would only have to maintain one operating system image for all compute nodes, 2) because if our application swapped to disk, its performance would be gone anyway and 3) because we did not want to invest money or admin. time in buying disks and replacing failed disks in the compute nodes.


TeamHPC was also very cooperative in providing us the most computing power with the fewest non-essential frills—no expensive commercial job queuing software (we are successfully using the open source clustering software “torque” version 1.1.0p5, saving us $16,000 over a commercial solution), no expensive Myrinet interconnect (Myrinet is nice, but not needed by our application on a 32-node cluster), etc. In other words, TeamHPC bent over backwards to get us the most computational bang/buck.


And sure enough, TeamHPC gave us the lowest price, but without any fear of going with the lowest bidder: Throughout the whole process, TeamHPC displayed outstanding technical knowledge of providing Linux superclusters.


Having won the contract, TeamHPC assembled the computer on their site. We connected remotely and performed our own burn-in testing, ensuring that any early hardware failures would take place before arrival at our site.


When delivery came, it was simply a matter of situating the rack, inserting the 32 pre-assembled nodes, the disk array, and the Ethernet switch, connecting all the Ethernet cables and the power cables, turning it on, and doing some local software setup. We were computing the next day.


Since then, we've found the computer fast and reliable. The software setup done by TeamHPC is so smooth that maintaining the whole cluster is about as hard as maintaining 2 or 3 Linux workstations would be.


Peter Mardahl
Air Force Research Laboratory